Clients and Users

The consequences of incomplete or insufficient notice can be far-reaching and expensive. At BMC Group, our experts design notice plans that use plain language to reach class members. Our notice plans also provide quantifiable measures of adequacy and fulfill all CAFA requirements.

Services offered include:

Our notices are written in clear and concise plain language to capture the attention of class members (and satisfy the plain language amendment to Rule 23). Following the “illustrative” model notices prepared by the Federal Judicial center, we work in unison with all parties to accurately convey case details in an unbiased manner so that those affected can make an informed decision about their rights and options.

When class members are known, individual notification is generally best. Our mailing protocols are designed to achieve a high delivery rate to save time, minimize expenses, and ensure success. Whenever possible, claim forms are preprinted with class members’ names and addresses, along with relevant transaction information, to facilitate claims processing, improve accuracy, and help class members file complete claims.

When the identities of class members are not known, a media-based or combined mailing/media notice program may be necessary. With backgrounds in media planning and buying, our experts have designed and implemented many of the largest notification programs in recent history. Our in-depth analysis of key factors, such as target audience demographics and media usage, geographic scope (zip-code specific to worldwide), timing constraints, and monetary parameters, allow us to design programs that specifically meet each case’s unique needs. Our media-based notice programs are scientifically calculated to effectively reach class members with the “best notice practicable,” providing courts with the information they need to make an informed decision as to the adequacy of the program.

BMC Group experts are qualified to provide testimony and depositions on the form and content of notice, as well as on the method of dissemination. We leave nothing to chance or speculation — and none of our notice programs or notices have ever been successfully attacked. All parties can proceed with complete confidence that a program designed by our team will withstand any scrutiny, collateral attack, or appellate challenges.