Clients and Users

Backed by our dedicated team of experts, BMC Group’s pre-settlement consulting services controls expenses and minimizes the time from settlement to distribution.

Services offered include:

Our consultants help design and value prospective settlements by reviewing class notification options and analyzing potential claim rates based on historic data.

We offer complete data analysis, from raw data files to distribution. Our experts provide guidance in deposing defendants regarding computer systems and perform all necessary data analysis and standardization. By doing the work ourselves (as opposed to outsourcing it to a third party), we can control the quality and safety of critical data and guarantee the widest practicable distribution of the class notice. In one recent engagement, for instance, BMC Group analyzed more than 100 million transactions from multiple defendants and legacy computer systems to identify class members and develop a plan of allocation.

Pre-settlement, we work closely with our clients to prepare detailed project plans and settlement administration guidelines that address all aspects of the proposed settlement. These plans ensure that the scope of the work is clearly identified, appropriate responsibilities are assigned, and realistic timelines are established for key settlement milestones. We also aim to identify and resolve any potential issues that could lead to delays and additional costs when providing notice and distributing settlement funds.