Richard Simmons
Managing Director, Class Action Services

Richard Simmons joined Analytics, Incorporated, a BMC Group Company, in 1990. Richard is responsible for the management of the Analytics’ class action and mass tort consulting practice. From managing the largest class action notice campaign in United States history, to settlements involving more than 80 million class members, to administrating one of the largest product liability / mass tort settlements ever, to distributing $4 billion in proceeds, Richard’s expertise in the management of massive transaction related engagements is unparalleled. Richard is one of the leading experts on the administration of class action settlements in the country, and has testified in both state and federal court processes and procedures adopted by Analytics.

Richard’s career at Analytics began with managing electronic discovery supporting employment, securities, and antitrust class action litigation. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from St. Olaf College, and has extensive graduate level training in Economics. Richard has taught at the University of Minnesota Law School (Guest Lecturer – Economic Damage Analysis) and St. Olaf College (Antitrust Economics), and published a peer review article on securities litigation.

Richard was a charter member of the American Academy of Economic Experts and was a former referee for the Journal of Legal Economics.