Clients and Users

Firms rely on BMC Group to efficiently manage the claims of potential clients using both our consulting knowledge and our best-in-class technology.

Our experts help clients draft claim forms and other documents, create scripts, design website and client portals, and customize reports — and our web-based Claims Management Portal offers 24/7 access to case information and sophisticated capabilities for managing claims.

The portal manages individual claim review deadlines (accounting for court calendars) and provides users with email and portal-based alerts of case milestones, including receipt of specific client form(s), receipt of objections, requests for exclusion, and other claim activity. Secure, case-specific portals offer near real-time status of claims received and other important metrics.

Also included is access to BMC Group’s Claims Resolution System. Built on a secure web platform, the Claims Resolution System allows a Special Master, Plaintiff, and Defense counsel to independently review and approve claims. Using this system, claimant files can be created online, and claims can be collaboratively reviewed and scored. In addition, documents can be directly uploaded and data captured. Data also can be sorted via predetermined criteria and keywords, and case quality can be analyzed and weighted by law firm personnel. Authorized individuals can interface directly with database and make claim-specific determinations.

To maintain confidentiality, as well as attorney-client privilege, comments on each account are created and shared within an encrypted environment.

The Claims Management Portal is part of our Global Claims Facility, the only online claims submission process that has been reviewed, tested, and approved for use by the Federal Trade Commission – the agency tasked with enforcing consumer protection and data privacy laws.