Clients and Users

The threat of discovery sanctions for spoliation of relevant information is real and growing. When document preservation is a concern, our experts have proven strategies to minimize the risks associated with evolving requirements. Our focus is on ensuring that the appropriate processes are in place to preserve records, whether as electronically stored information (ESI) or paper files. We also partner with our trial-lawyer clients to assist with preservation issues related to offensive or defensive discovery.

Experience has shown that 70% of the costs of litigation are tied in some way to discovery-related activities and document review. Our team of experts has developed proven strategies and practices that substantially reduce both costs and time associated with discovery. Together with our clients, we formulate a discovery strategy and implement practices to improve the intelligence and efficiency of the discovery process, while simultaneously reducing costs. Our methods, in fact, have been proven to reduce the cost of manual-document review by two-thirds or more.

We deliver technology, innovation, and expertise on a global scale. We provide pre-settlement consulting, access to data rooms, document review, and complete management of settlement claims. We also manage all data and information related to a case. For those who do not have the capacity to effectively and efficiently manage the sometimes millions of pages of documents associated with complex cases, we act as our client’s “back office.” Our state-of-the-art, secure information systems ensure that our clients’ records can be stored and retrieved as litigation needs dictate.