Clients and Users

BMC Group’s Global Claims Facility (GCF) is a tested, secure infrastructure for the confidential management of legal and medical data.

This system provides an integrated platform to manage mass tort litigation, as well as client communications. Core information regarding litigants – including law firm information, litigant data, and discovery — can be easily managed by a PSC through the platform’s unified framework.

GCF facilitates and integrates class member notification and communications, claims processing, and settlement fund distributions. Nearly forty years of experience went into creating GCF, and the system is continually updated and refined to meet ever-changing requirements. To date, BMC Group has used GCF to successfully administer more than one billion unique transactions.

Assuming a potential settlement, counsel can run reports or simplify information in portals to allow clients to assess settlement value in volumes of cases. Reporting includes:

  • Integrated financial status and forecasting
    • Up-to-date information on case count, exposure, and expense
    • Aggregate rollup reporting and management dashboard
  • Standardized medical-legal workup
    • Efficient, paperless, centralized medical record review and analysis
    • Standardized analysis format with fully electronic, hyperlinked work product and delivery
  • Centralized forms, research and intelligence sharing
    • Centralized forms, research, and intelligence library with integrated utilization monitoring
    • Periodic auditing of work product to identify redundant effort
  • Web-based case information management
    • Centralized data and document management
    • Quick access to all key information litigation-wide, for managing litigation, managing risk, and validating firm billing